Sunny Photo I am a Vice-principal and a MakerSpace teacher in Greater Victoria School District #61.  I had the privilege to experience education systems in Korea, Canada, UK and Nepal as a student and as a teacher.  My diverse experience has given me a global awareness in education and has well prepared me to adapt and to transfer skills in different and difficult settings.  I am willing to seek out new challenges and pursue knowledge to help me grow as a leader and educator.

I believe that communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking are key elements for successful learners.  These skills are critical in the Twenty First Century Learning model.  If we want our school to succeed, we need to foster an environment that allows for collaboration and critical thinking that asks the ‘why’ and the ‘hows’ of what we are doing.  I try to centre my teaching and mentoring around these important skills to help students and teachers grow and adapt to our ever changing world.

Education is a dynamic field; although it is constantly evolving and curriculum may differ from area to area, what remains constant is teacher-student relationship and the need to prepare our students for the globalized world.  When we foster positive relationships and address the needs of the students as a whole, we can better meet their diverse learning needs.  When we value relationship building with our students, we begin to educate the whole child. Our role is to deliver not only content, but to address the emotional needs of the children at the same time. We cannot implement a personalized, inquiry-based education without the basic knowledge of our students as an individual. Differentiating lessons and personalized learning becomes crucial in lesson planning so that we can meet the needs of individual learners.

As an educator, I hold myself responsible for a high standard of teaching and take it upon myself to educate and be up to date on new innovations in instruction and curriculum.  As a lifelong learner, I continue to hone my practice and knowledge which facilitate my ability to deliver excellent lessons that meet and address the needs of our Twenty First Century Learners.


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