Puppet Theatre Challenge

This month we are working to build a puppet theatre so that we can put on a performance for the kindergarten classes.  The activity is made purposeful because the students will build to sell the puppet theatre to the classroom teachers.  They must design, collaborate, create and build a product that is pleasing to the audience and functions well.

Habits of mind focus for this week is “listening with understanding and empathy”

2015 - 1 (2)

Using mini iPads, students worked in groups to research types of puppet theatres they want to make.  Then they made their designs and began gathering materials they need to build.

IMG_0416How does all of this link to the new core standards in the BC curriculum?  The Applied Designs, Skills, and Technologies Framework clearly indicate how primary students will learn through purposeful play, and activities that have practical rand real-life purpose.

“Students in K-5 will develop the skills for design thinking and a maker mindset in cross-curricular contexts that they will bring to future explorations in Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies.”

You can check out the following link to the new curriculum draft: https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/

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