First MakerSpace Challenge

Yesterday was our first full day of school and although the MakerSpace is not quite all set up, students came in with wonder and awe and completed their first Maker challenge.


1. We discussed what MakerSpace was all about and how it was going to assist in learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) education.
2. We discussed about Habits of Mind by Arthur L. Costa (2000) and which habit we were working on this week- Persisting.

Habits of Mind

3.  Students were put into groups, and designated a materials manager who was in charge of all the materials.  At first I didn’t think about using a materials manager and it got very hectic because everyone was coming up to me asking for tape.  By having designated materials manager and limiting the time they can purchase materials to 3 times, students were forced to re-think their plans and make collective decisions to get the most out of their opportunities.

4. Students started to build their tables and it was interesting to walk around and listen to their way of reasoning and collaborating.


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