BeeBot for Kindergarten

School is in session and I wanted to see what my now grade 1 students remember about coding with BeeBot from last year when they were in Kindergarten.  Sure enough, they remembered how to work collaboratively, share resources and make the BeeBot move through their own construction.

Coding with BeeBot 

Students come to us with varying cultural and familial backgrounds and our job as educators is to prepare them for the future that is unknown.  If we base all of our teaching and learning on content only, we fail in preparing our students to be successful participants of our society.  What students need is to be engaged in learning, discover their interests, and experience success through exploration and collaboration.  As educators, we need to work in partnership with all stakeholders of education and create a learning environment that encourages students, and addresses the learner as a whole child and deliver curriculum that is meaningful to their individual needs. By understanding the cognitive developmental process and stages, teachers can build on existing knowledge and background of students and build appropriate level of challenges to move students forward in their learning process. 

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