Adobe Voice: Digital Story Telling Tool

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is by far the most easiest digital story creator I have come across.  I have used iMovie, Explain Everything, Prezi and many others but have found Adobe Voice surpasses them all in its user friendliness for educators and students.

This is a free app that allows students to add images, icons, text and own voice.  It has selection of background music to fit the mood of the presentation, and also has beautiful presentation themes.

As students work collaboratively on a project, they can collect photos of their collaboration and create a short presentation explaining their group process.

The ‘icon’ tool is also is a great tool to teach students about synonyms because they have to pick their key words carefully to find the images that would best suit what they are trying to say.

The recording button is super easy to use and allow students to record over and over to get the right tone and voice.

I have used this tool for my own Master’s assignments and have impressed my professors whom have never seen this type of presentation. It sure beats the old PowerPoint presentations!

Here are two presentations I made for my Master’s assignment recently.


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